Eagle Cragg – repainted

Here's a painting that I've finished twice. The first time was a few months ago, and the second time was yesterday. This often happens - a painting that looked complete several months ago doesn't 'settle' well with my art sense and needs repainting a few months later....

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Painting en plein air – a Lancashire farm

Here's a painting that I completed outside. I don't usually finish a painting outside but this one combined the colours and sense of distance that I wanted to suggest, so I varnished it and call it finished. Regular viewers will also notice that it's another horizon...

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Springtime blossoms

Spring is here, it's official! So here's a painting that features bluebells, carpeting the woodland floor like drifting smoke. This was painted during May, in a lucky year when the hawthorn bushes were covered in white blossoms at the same time as the bluebells were...

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‘Looking for shells at Scarborough’

This painting was inspired when we took our daughters to the beach at Scarborough. This stretch of the North Yorkshire coast was (and is one of our favourite places to holiday. Exploring the rock pools is always fascinating, and we love it!

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The winter blues, and greys.

In winter I've noticed that the colours I use become more restricted and I favour earthy colours like yellow ochre, indian red, vandyke brown. I suppose this is a reaction to the colours around us, as winter drains the landscape of colour. Grey tones can be beautiful...

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Favourite Painter 1 – Ivon Hitchens

This a painting by Ivon Hitchens, an English 20th century painter. He painted lots of these panoramic and almost abstract landscapes. His broad brushstrokes and muted colours make his work immediately distinctive. He isn't well know outside of the art world and many...

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Seizing the power

Painting isn't a question if sensibility ; it's a matter of seizing the power, taking over from nature, not expecting her to supply you with information and good advice. - Picasso, talking about Bonnard. This is a great quote from Picasso about his fellow artist...

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Favourite pigments

In the best 'Smash Hits' interview tradition, here's a few of my favourite colours... French Ultrmarine My most used blue. It's ideal for skies. Add one of the brown pigments for a cool gray. Can be added to almost any colour to knock it back and give the illusion if...

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The colour changing square optical illusion

Here's an optical illusion that has a real effect on the way artists paint. It's the colour changing square illusion. Hint: the square doesn't actually change colour. What happens is that the background changes and the square appears lighter on a dark background and...

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Loughrigg Tarn Painting by Lake District artist David Pott

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