This a painting by Ivon Hitchens, an English 20th century painter. He painted lots of these panoramic and almost abstract landscapes. His broad brushstrokes and muted colours make his work immediately distinctive. He isn’t well know outside of the art world and many artists have never heard of him but look out for him when you visit your next gallery; he is well represented in UK galleries at least, and you will often find works like this one, quietly winking at you across one of the many fine regional city art galleries near your hometown.

I like him as a colourist and I envy the way he captures the muted colours of the English landscape on a wet day.

I also admire him as a painter of abstract landscapes – reducing as he does in the painting above this post, the complexity of the landscape right down into brushstrokes, colour and tone.

As he reduces it down to its most basic elements, it helps me to see what is essential in the landscape, so I can learn from him, and use his insights in my paintings.

Find out more about Ivon Hitchens on Wikipedia or see which of his paintings are nearest to you on ArtUk.