I’m often asked how I became an artist, so here’s my story. I was always encouraged to draw and paint by my parents, especially by my father, George Pott, who is also a very accomplished painter. So our house was always full of paper, paint, pencils and a huge library of art books covering artists from Leonardo to Lucien Freud.

So growing up, painting and drawing were always talked about and discussed. Encouragement and enthusiasm were in plentiful supply. My dad also took me to exhibitions from the major London galleries to the the smallest town gallery.

I’m not sure if art is something you are just ‘born with’ or if it’s something that you can learn. But I certainly learned all the key lessons about shape and proportion from my dad

I remember growing up at the time of the moon landings and drawing spacecraft on any scrap of paper. The margins of newspapers provided an ideal space to draw rockets!

When I left school I completed an art foundation course. That gave me access to printmaking equipment and a chance to meet other artists in a creative environment. But the course itself didn’t lead directly to an art career, instead I started a career in IT, married and started a family, but all the while I’ve continued to paint and draw, following my own learning journey and without any formal training. The urge to paint is and draw is always with me – it’s an obsession!  Subject matter and style have changed over the years but I have remained primarily a figurative and representational artist.