Two Friends on the Beach


Sunset provides dramatic contrasts of light and shade and dramatic contrasts of colours. In this painting of two friends,  two teenage boys were deep in conversation, their figures almost pure silhouettes against the setting sun. I loved the colour contrast between the warm orange sunlight, and the cool blue shadows.

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This was a painting inspired by a visit to Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast. It amazes me what colours you can see when painting sunsets – the oranges are reds are perhaps to be expected, but the cool blues create such amazing contrast. The ripples in the sand caused by the retreating sand created patterns that need to be be incorporated into the composition, too. I’ve painted this scene a couple of times, and hope I’ve captured at least some of the magic of that day.

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Whitby, Yorkshire



Loughrigg Tarn Painting by Lake District artist David Pott

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